Activon Tulle -10CM X 10CM Knitted Viscose Mesh 5 Dressings Impregnated With 100% Manuka Honey(10CM X 10CM) X 5

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Activon Tulle is a knitted viscose mesh dressing impregnated with 100% Manuka honey.

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Activon Tulle is placed either side down onto the wound surface; dressings can be placed side by side to cover large wound areas or cut to size. Activon Tulle can be unfolded to cover larger areas, this reduces the concentration of honey at the wound site.
Depending on the tissue type within the wound bed and level of exudate, your secondary dressing of choice could be a film or absorbent dressing. In wounds with a high level of exudate which can be expected initlially with the use of honey an additional highly absorbent dressing can be introduced to help manage exudate. We recommend the Eclypse super absorbent dressing.

Store at room temperature. Due to the nature of honey, it can solidify at cold temperatures become more liquid at warm temperatures. If the product has hardened, warm between hands to soften before use. If the product has become too liquid, place in a colder place such as a fridge for a few minutes.
Top tip
Activon Tulle is a triple layer knitted viscose net dressing which can be unfolded to decrease the amount of honey if discomfort is being experienced by the patient. Algivon releases honey at a slower rate into the wound therefore may be a solution if discomfort is being experienced by the patient when using Activon Tulle.
Activon Tulle is ideally selected for granulating or shallow wounds, it’s a good choice when debriding or de-sloughing small areas of necrotic or sloughy tissue.
Activon Tulle may be applied to any wound but especially:
Pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers, surgical wounds, burns, graft sites, infected wounds, cavity wounds and sinuses.
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Although the honey is not absorbed into the blood stream, we advise monitoring the levels of patients with diabetes. Do not use if allergic to bee venom. Discomfort can be experienced when honey is applied, depending on sensitivity of the wound it may be necessary to consider an appropriate level of

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