Top tips for managing hay fever

Summer might be sunny and glorious, but for many, the reality is different as it marks the beginning of the infamous hay fever season. Hay fever brings the sniffles, blocked noses, itchy eyes, and usually feeling under the weather are all signs you’re suffering.

 To keep your hay fever under control and to manage its symptoms, we advise you to follow below few tips along with taking cheap hay fever tablets available everywhere in the UK.

Here’s how you can keep hay fever at bay as well as manage your symptoms if you are already suffering from it -

  1. Identify the root cause of the allergy - This will not only treat your hay fever quickly but also make sure you don’t have recurring cases in future. Prevention is better than cure.
  1. Wash your hands regularly - Washing your hands frequently removes any dust or pollen that you have come across. Also, you must wash your eyes in case of itching or redness
  1. Avoid smoking - Both active smoking and passive smoking can have a bad effect on health. Smoke from cigarettes is known to trigger hay fever symptoms immediately in some people. You can buy cheap hay fever tablets from a reputed pharmacy like in the UK and keep it handy during the hay fever season.
  1. Avoid outdoor exposure - One must avoid operating outdoors on days with high pollen counts (especially before noon), after thunderstorms or on windy days.
  1. Keep the windows closed - When the pollen count is hovering, keep windows and doors shut. This prevents excess pollen from entering in your homes, thus, keeping your surroundings clean.
  1. Keep your lawn in check - Like we said previously, know the root cause. So, if grass triggers your symptoms, avoid grassy areas and avoid cutting the grass in your garden. Get it done from a professional instead.
  1. Protection while outdoors - Protecting yourself when outdoors is equally important. You must wear wrap-around glasses to stop pollen getting in your eyes. If your hay fever is terrible, wear a face mask when outdoors.
  1. Keep yourself clean - Change clothes frequently and shower after being outdoors to wash off pollen from your body especially before bedtime.
  1. Keep your linen clean - Dry bed linen indoors during the high pollen season. Exposing them to outdoors can deposit a lot of pollen on your linen and enter your system when you sleep on those.