Buying Guide to Womens Floral Perfumes

Floral perfumes are the go-to scent for many women due to their feminine, light, and versatile scents. Floral fragrances are great for daily use in the daytime and evening, with just enough allure to catch the attention of nearby admirers. Since floral fragrances are so popular, you will find that almost every major perfume brand has its own signature floral perfume.

Floral perfumes will have prominent flowery notes at the heart and then be combined with other scents like woody-floral scents or oriental scents at the base to give them a unique personality.

Buying a floral perfume that’s perfect for you will depend on your preferences and how it works on your skin. Here are some of the subtle differences you may find within the floral family of perfumes and our top picks of Floral Perfumes.


Perfumes with a floral-oriental fragrance at the heart have an exotic and sensual essence that is great for nights out on the town or when you want to make an impression on someone. Add a floral oriental perfume to your collection for a touch of the exotic.

Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental is a perfect example of this. This perfume offers a sweet and exotic fragrance with notes of freesia, saffron, vanilla, and creamy sandalwood.

For a sweet amber floral bouquet, Alien by Mugler transports you to a blossoming oriental and tropical garden. Its oriental floral fragrance has been created through notes of jasmine and tuberose, resulting in a long-lasting floral perfume that has a sensual, calming quality to it.


Sweet floral perfumes are perfect for your go-to daytime fragrance, offering delicate and delicious notes of a flower bouquet.

An all-time favorite in the sweet floral family perfume is Daisy Love Eau So Sweet Women by Marc Jacobs. This perfectly sweet and unexpectedly fresh perfume sparkles with white raspberries, delicate musk, and a fresh gourmand fragrance that creates an enticing atmosphere that truly embraces its name.

As its name implies, Sweet Like Candy Eau De Parfum by Ariana Grande exudes sweet floral fragrances that will bring out the feminine side in all women. If you like sweet perfume, this one is for you with its floral fruity gourmand fragrance with a blend of marshmallow, vanilla, pear, blackberry, vanilla, pear, bergamot, frangipani, honeysuckle, and jasmine.


Fragrance families have notes that can overlap because many have similar ingredients. Woody floral perfumes when combined with other notes create irresistible fragrances that have a more complex and intriguing effect than sweet floral scents, making them perfect for day or evening use.

A long-standing favorite in many women’s perfume collections is L'Interdit Eau de Parfum and L'Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge by Givenchy. Using ginger, pimento leaf, sandalwood, and blood orange - L'Interdit is a woody floral perfume with an intense, long-lasting scent that is perfectly suited for evening wear.

Paris La Vie Est Belle Intensement by Lancôme demonstrates the perfect blend of floral and woody scents that work beautifully together. Created with ginger flower and water jasmine, this perfume is then mixed with vanilla, sandalwood, and cashmere for the ultimate woody floral perfume that still oozes femininity.

Floral perfumes are great for year-round use because they are very versatile and light. Shop online at Online4Pharmacy to discover all the beautiful floral perfumes by name brands and popular perfumes that we have in stock.