Five ways to banish dry skin

You don't need to visit a dermatologist to know if your skin is dry. Look for rough, scaly patches on your back, legs, arms, or waist. These are the parts of skin that you forget about often and concentrate only on moisturising your face and hands. How can you treat excessively dry skin? You can opt for effective skin moisturisers or natural dry skin remedies at home to cure dry skin. We have gathered the best tips to treat itchy and scaly skin just for you:

Soothe it with milk
If winters wreak havoc on your dry skin, soothe it with fresh milk. Pour it into a big bowl and soak a washcloth or a small piece of gauze in cold milk. Now apply this to your skin for 5 minutes. The rich creamy texture of milk along with its essential fats make the best home remedy for dry skin. It also contains lactic acid, which is beneficial to the skin.

Look for heavy moisturisers
For itchy, dry skin, the best moisturiser is the one that's thick in consistency and is deeply moisturising. Coconut oil is also highly recommended for dry skinned beauties. You can go for the least expensive option - a good quality petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly might be very thick and greasy for some. If so, warm it up in your palms first, then if you take it in your hand, it will spread easily. If you find petroleum jelly quite messy, use it at night when you're in bed.

Moisturise on damp skin
Moisturisers are known to be most effective when applied on damp skin. Post bath is the best time to apply oil or cream on your face and body. Because at this time, your body is still damp and your skin absorbs most of the moisture. Moisturising lotions are formed to lock in moisture so that it doesn't evaporate. Aloe vera is highly effective on dry skin too.

Seal super-dry areas with moisture
Often, the most dry areas of your skin happen to be on your heels, hands, and elbows. You can properly seal your hands with petroleum jelly or shea based creams and wrap it with gloves. You can wear socks over your badly cracked heels. And wear a long-sleeved top with quite snugly fitting sleeves over the chapped elbows.

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