Robitussin Medicine to relief Dry cough

One of the most annoying parts of having a cold is the dry, tickly, and persistent coughs that often accompany them. Even if your cold has long since healed, you might still find the back of your throat tickling and hurting, giving you a cough that just won’t quit.

Dry coughs often become painful and can make it harder to breathe, to talk, and even to sleep. They’re also physically exhausting since the act of coughing uses several different muscles in the body. That’s why it isn’t uncommon to wake up after a night of coughing with abs so sore it feels like you spent the night doing crunches. When you have a persistent cough, it may seem like you’ll never get any relief.

What is a Dry Cough?

A cough is the body’s response to something irritating your upper respiratory system, usually phlegm, mucus, or inflammation. It is a defensive reflex that happens when your airways are irritated and your brain tells the muscles in your chest and abdomen to push air out of your lungs to propel the irritant out.  Coughs can either be productive, where you bring up phlegm or mucus, or they can be nonproductive.

A dry cough is a nonproductive cough, meaning that you aren’t coughing anything up. They can be caused by several different conditions like asthma, acid reflux, and allergies. Dry coughs caused by colds are usually the result of your throat being irritated and sensitive from the viral infection you’ve contracted. Even though the majority of cold symptoms like nasal congestion and headaches go away after a few days, a stubborn cough can continue long after the cold clears up.

Since coughing itself irritates the throat, dry coughs can end up causing more dry coughs. This leads to a painful cycle of coughing because your throat never gets a chance to heal. To help the process along, you can try using a humidifier, drinking warm drinks, or using losenzges. You can also take liquid cough relief syrup like Robitussin Dry Cough to prevent dry coughs.

Robitussin Dry Cough Medicine  

Robitussin Dry Cough Medicine is a cold cough syrup designed specifically to relieve dry coughs. A type of cough medicine called a suppressant, its active ingredient dextromethorphan stops the cough reflex, giving your body and airways a chance to rest and heal. An added bonus when you take this oral medication is that it also soothes and relieves your throat. Suitable for anyone over the age of 12 with a dry cough, this cough relief syrup is also non-drowsy and sugar free. You can take Robitussin up to four times per day to get relief all day long.

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