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Seven Seas Minadex Orange Tonic is the only children's Tonic which has been specially formulated to help build up children who are tired, rundown and convalescing from illness. This delicious orange flavoured tonic is made from natural orange extract and contains important vitamins, minerals and appetite restoratives to aid recovery from illness and strengthen the immune system.

Seven Seas Minadex Orange Tonic is a carefully formulated vitamin and mineral tonic, which contains Vitamins A and D, Iron, Calcium glycerphosphate (appetite restoratives) and important trace minerals. Minadex contains a natural orange extract, giving it a pleasant aroma and flavour which children love. After illness, loss of appetite or when run down Minadex can help to restore vitality and builds up children fast. Minadex is also free from artificial stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol and can be given to children from the age of 6 months. Minadex Orange Tonic contains the following vitamins and minerals:Vitamin AVitamin A is essential for growth and for the maintenance of healthy skin, hair and nails. It is also important for maintaining healthy vision.Vitamin DVitamin D is essential for the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D is necessary for our bodies as it helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous thus keeping our bones strong and healthy.IronIron is an important part of haemoglobin the red pigment in blood responsible for carrying oxygen around the body. Lack of iron in our diets can leave us feeling tired and lethargic.
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