Baby Products

Babies grows and develop at a very quickly and rapidly during their earlier stages of life. They develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. However, through this portfolio, we are here to discuss the physical growth and development patterns of the infant through earlier stage of babies life. To start with, development refers to the baby's increased skill in using various body parts. When dealing with the development of a baby there are 3 basic development rules. 1st Rule: Babies develop in the head region first, then the trunk, and lastly in the legs and feet. Therefore, it is said that babies development is from head-to-toe or cephalocaudally.

Clearly, this is a very fast growth rate, however, the percentage of growth slows down considerably after infancy. The upper part or head of a newborn baby is very large compared to the rest of their body. For example, compared to the baby's total height is about 20 inches, the length of the head measures approximately 5 inches...which equals one-fourth of the total length. And to take full and proper health care of a child we have various products like avent digital bottle warmer , baby first baby changing for every children.