About Us


Over the past decade, drastic changes have occurred in the way pharmacies now operate.

With the increasing growth and influence of the internet, pharmacies have now capitalized on the power of the World Wide Web, in order to now provide the customer with a fast and convenient method of purchasing a variety of products from drugs to perfumes. Target Grange Ltd has realized this potential and is dedicated in offering thousands of products at the most competitive prices. Our products include pharmaceutical drugs: both prescription and over the counter medicines; cosmetics, perfumery, electrical, baby products, Designer Watches, toiletries and much more.

The company

The company was founded as a family business and has always prioritized the good health and satisfaction of their customers. The company has been serving the community since it first started trading in 1985 and now has a chain of pharmacies around the southeast of London. These pharmacies are all run by fully qualified pharmacists.

About Us

Our aim

We have always thrived to provide products that customers desire; whilst maintaining a wide range of commodities that are high in quality and principally value for money.

Allowing customers to place their orders via the internet provides an innovative way to access medicines as well as other everyday products. We ensure delivery directly to your doorstep, at costs that are dramatically less than you would find in a high street pharmacy. The fact that you do not visit a pharmacy does not mean you can no longer get expert advice. Our specialist health guides and online consultation services allows you to receive advice in the comfort of your home. We prize your health and confidentiality, which is why we have fully qualified pharmacists on hand to supervise with any of your medical concerns in a discreet manner either via telephone or e-mail.

Target Grange Ltd operates under the strict compliance of the guidelines set out by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. We are also members of the National Pharmaceutical Association.