Advantages of using an electric bottle warmer

Are you having a tough time keeping your baby’s milk heated at the right temperature? It seems like a simple task, but in reality it's a challenging one! Hearing those screams of your crying child every now and then because the temperature isn’t right can be very disappointing at times. But one can't just feed the baby without heating the milk as they might get a stomach ache! So what can you do?

Here’s a bottle warmer to rescue you!
A lot of parents consider the 'Baby Bottle Warmer' to be the best product ever made for babies, yet. Moms still need to be extremely cautious when heating either their breast milk or formula milk. Before we discuss the benefits of a bottle warmer, let's learn first the reasons why a lot of doctors encourage you to use a device like this?

For breast milk
Using the microwave to heat breast milk is not a good idea. The milk loses its nutritional qualities and it changes the milk's composition. One of the main characteristics of breast milk is that it quickly reacts to warm temperatures; losing its vitamin C. If you want to heat your breast milk on the stove, it might break apart. It also loses its vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients easily.

Formula Milk Feeding
Doctors believe heating formula milk in a microwave may cause an awful heat distribution. This results in the burning of your baby's mouth or tummy. Even if most parents shake the milk bottle, it will still coagulate very easily.

Why should we use an electric bottle warmer like Tommee tippee electric bottle warmer?
Here’s why -

Constant temperature
One crucial feature of a Tommee tippee bottle and food warmer is that it helps to maintain a constant temperature for the liquid in the bottle.

Consistency is the key
Heating milk using a microwave doesn't ensure your milk to be warmed completely. Milk may get heated in parts with the microwave, which sometimes is too hot or isn't warm enough. A bottle can be soaked and heated evenly with the help of a bottle warmer.

Checking the temperature of the liquid in the bottle is an added task when people heat milk using a microwave or a stove. This consumes a lot of your time and is inconvenient when you’re holding the baby. However, if you use the Tommee tippee electric bottle warmer black, milk is heated and maintained at a constant temperature.

Convenient and Variety
If you are planning a holiday, a bottle warmer is a must! There are a wide variety of models you can choose from, whichever suits your needs. Tommee Tippee electric bottle warmer heats everything from breast milk to baby food while preserving all the essential nutrients. It is quite easy to use and has a temperature control dial to adjust the temperature. It is easy to use for single hand operations.