How to Choose a Perfume?

In a sea of beautiful shiny perfume bottles that line the shelves of stores, it can be overwhelming to pick a perfume that’s perfect for you. From trending new fragrances to timeless scents that have stood the test of time and from affordable perfumes to extravagant luxury fragrances – the choices are endless.

Whether it’s a reflection of your personality or simply a fragrance you truly associate with or love, let this guide help you choose the perfume that’s right for you!

What to Consider When Choosing a Perfume

Fragrance Family - Every fragrance falls under a certain family: floral, fruity, oriental, woody and gourmand, and fresh. Which fragrances are you drawn to?

The Notes - Every perfume has a unique combination of notes that creates a particular scent - top, middle, and base. For example, some fragrances may have a hit of a floral scent at the start but then settle into one that’s sweeter and fruitier.

Perfume Strength – Eau de Toilette, Eau De Parfum, Parfum, and Eau de Cologne all have different concentrations of essential oils and alcohol. Eau de Parfum is the lightest and Parfum is the strongest. How do you like your perfume, intense or light?

Narrow Down Your Selection – Once you’ve chosen a few that you like. Start with a scent blotter and spray it with the perfume then bring the scent strip to your nose and see how it smells on the strip. If you like it, spritz your wrist and let it soak in, and then smell how it works on your skin. Each perfume will work differently with your body chemistry and may smell different than the test strip. 

Think About Your Skin - Just like you’d steer clear of heavily fragranced skincare products if you have sensitive skin, you need to keep away from perfumes that may have too much alcohol or essential oils for your skin. That’s why it’s always good to give perfume a test run with a small sample.

 Here Are a Few of Our Favourite Perfumes That You Might Also Like

 White Diamonds – Elizabeth Taylor

The sophisticated Eau de Toilette White Diamond Perfume is the perfect floral scent to wear whenever you want to immerse yourself in luxury. This liquid gem combines generous notes of bergamot, neroli, and orange with gracious lily for a sublime fragrance that turns heads wherever you go. It’s the perfect accessory for your finest ensembles as well as your best-loved jeans.

Fever Eau de Parfum – Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Fever Perfume is the latest perfume from the iconic brand Jimmy Choo. A hypnotic play on contrasts between floral-fruity and gourmand, Jimmy Choo Fever is an addictive new scent that carries its wearer into the night, leaving an addictive sensual trail behind her.

How to Test Longevity of Perfume

Want to test out a fragrance you love? Ask if a smaller test sample is available that you can take home and try out for a few days before making your big purchase. Fragrances aren’t the cheapest splurge, so test the waters before making a decision. Without test driving it for a few days, you won’t be able to know the longevity of the perfume once it’s been applied.

We hope this guide to choosing the perfect perfume for you has been helpful. At Online4Pharmacy you can choose from the latest and most popular fragrances available.