medicines for treating threadworm

Threadworms are very common in the UK because they spread very quickly from one person to another. Threadworms infect your gut and lay eggs around the anus, causing severe itchiness.

Most commonly found in children, threadworm is not usually serious and can be treated easily and quickly with over-the-counter anti-parasitic medications such as Ovex.

In this article you’ll learn what threadworms are we’ll also discuss which is best medicine for treating threadworm.


Threadworms are small and thin thread-like white worms that are usually around 2 mm to 13 mm long. They infect the intestines and are easily spread from person to person if good hygiene is not practiced. Worms in children are particularly common but anyone of any age can get them.


The most common symptoms of threadworm include:

  • Threadworms found in you stool and around the anus.
  • Severe itching around the anus.


Pinworm infection occurs when someone (unintentionally) swallow threadworms eggs. This is typically how it happens:

  1. Threadworms lay their eggs around the anus.
  2. When those individual scratches or touches the anus, the eggs then get stuck on the fingers and hands if they don’t wash their hands.
  3. Threadworm eggs are then spread to other people and surfaces that they touch. They then swallow them when eat or touch their mouth.
  4. The eggs infect the intestines after they’ve passed through the digestive system. Then eggs hatch and create more threadworms.
  5. Once hatched, the female threadworms work their way to the anus to lay their eggs.


Treatment usually requires a combination of medication and better hygiene. You can treat threadworm infections with an oral anti-parasitic medication that kills the worms in your intestines. Doctors recommend that you take one dose right away and a second dose two weeks later to kill all the remaining worms and eggs. To reduce the risk of re-infection, paediatricians recommend that the family members and caregivers of an infected child be treated, as well.

The Best Medicine for Treating Threadworm

Ovex single pack tablet is considered one of the best OTC medicines for treating threadworm.

Ovex Single Tablet Uses

Ovex single tablets are specifically made for treating threadworm. A single dose of Ovex will kill threadworms in your intestines, but not their eggs which can lead to re-infection and also spread to other people.

Additional OTC Medicine for Treating Threadworm

  • Pyrantel pamoate
  • Mebendazole
  • Albendazole


How Can I Prevent Threadworm Infections?

The most effective way for preventing threadworm is by practicing cleanliness in the following ways:

  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Keep frequently used surfaces clean.
  • Shower regularly.
  • Keep fingernails trimmed.
  • Avoid touching the anus.
  • Wash underclothes, towels, and sheets frequently.

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