Must-Try Perfume Notes for You This Summer

Summer is the official season of rosé, picnics in the park, and a few new summer fragrances. We know you’ve been waiting excitedly to pull out your favourite summer fragrance.

And yes, having a fragrance for every season is a necessity. After all, the changing of the seasons calls for a change in our preferred fragrance blends. The best summer perfumes capture that feeling of a Capri vacation, or the breeze running through your hair on long road trips with the top down. Think of these scents as warm weather in a bottle with fragrances that are sure to transport you to your favourite summer destination or memory.

There are tons of new fragrances that have launched in 2022, so finding your new favourite summer perfume will be easier than you think with this list of must-try perfumes for summer!

What defines summer perfumes?

When we think about summer, what kind of association comes to mind first? Sea, vacation, suntan lotion, sand, juicy fruits, coconut, cocktails, and more. Right?

So, in terms of scent, it’s not strange to see summer perfumes made of similar vibrant notes such as the following:

  • peony
  • lemon
  • orange
  • green tea
  • magnolia
  • light woods
  • musks
  • sea notes
  • neroli
  • peach
  • jasmine
  • rose

These easy-breezy and refreshing notes, that uplift our mood, set the tone for the following topic. Here are our picks for the best summer perfumes of 2022!

Black Orchid Perfume by Tom Ford

Black Orchid Perfume has a lush black currant and smooth black truffle blended beautifully with flowery French jasmine and effervescent citrus in Black Orchid. The scent's alluring combination of fresh florals and juicy fruits makes it ideal for warm-weather fun and adventures this summer. Immerse yourself in droplets of this sophisticated fragrance and head out with confidence, no matter what your summer plans entail.

Good Girl Supreme by Carolina Herrera

Stay out after midnight on a hot and sultry night and see where the mystery of the evening takes you when you're wearing the chic and daring Good Girl Suprême Perfume. This delectable women's perfume blends fruity, powdery, and floral accords for a lavish and enticing aroma that can upgrade any ensemble for a last-minute, late-night rendezvous.

Chloe Eau de Parfum by Chloe

If you love wearing warm floral scents in the summertime, then this scent from Chloé fits the bill. Fresh plum and oakmoss are combined with a touch of freesia for a free-spirited-feeling scent that you won't be able to get enough of.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Coco Mademoiselle smells so elegant and works great in the heat. Citrus top notes make this perfume modern, while heavier notes such as the patchouli and rose make it timeless. This perfume is one every woman should have in their collection.

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

Green Tea is an easy-to-wear everyday summer scent with a light and vibrant citrus-green scent profile. It’s a refreshing and light creation to start your day on the right foot, and help you enjoy your long and sunny summer days.

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