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It can be overwhelming to choose a new perfume. It’s always a good idea to do a bit of research before investing in a luxury perfume, you wouldn’t want to waste those precious dollars on a fragrance that you don’t absolutely adore.

Here is a review of La Belle Eau De Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s one of our favourites and we think you’ll like it too!

The Fragrance

Jean Paul Gaultier created La Belle Eau de Parfum in his own image, an ultra-sensual feminine fragrance with an addictive silage. A green oriental perfume born from the fusion between fresh bergamot, a burst of pear, and addictive vanilla pod.

When you catch the scent of La Belle Eau De Parfum, you get the sensation of entering the private and secret garden of Jean Paul Gaultier, a place of temptation and attraction. This fragrance is for the ultra-feminine woman, you’ll feel enchanted and beautiful when wearing it.

La Belle Eau De Parfum is all about vanilla, musk, vetiver, and amber notes. But it kicks off with notes of bergamot and juicy pear. The background is a warm and bit spicy, but the overall scent is one that is somewhat thick and sweet but retains a watery and light freshness to it.

The sweetness has a gourmand caramelization going on. Bergamot notes quickly subside and that’s when notes of vanilla note really start to come into their own. In the middle is vetiver, with an overall impression of fragrant floral notes.

Versatility, Longevity, and Silage

All you need is a spray or two to last you the whole day! Its longevity is top-notch. This is a perfume that commands attention for a long time due to its bold scent.

The best time of year to enjoy this perfume is autumn and winter. It will envelop you in a cosy scent that will be perfect for nights by the fire or during walks during the crisp days of fall with the rich colours of autumn surrounding you.

Le Belle is a nightlife gem that is best worn to a club, bar, or out on a date. It does have attractive qualities and sexiness to lure someone in that you’ve had your eye on.

Final Impressions of La Belle

La Belle is a fragrance with a solid gourmand that smells very nice with subtle notes of pear and bergamot which are quickly enveloped in the embrace of vanilla.

If you want a monstrous silage and love sweet gourmand fragrances, La Belle EDP is definitely one to check out. It may not be for everyone or one that you’d necessarily want to wear for all occasions. But it is a perfume that can surely have its place within your perfume collection rotation.

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