Polo Red a good cologne

Ralph Lauren has become synonymous with American style. The companies’ designs are clean, classic, and even colourful. Beyond the world of clothing, Ralph Lauren Polo enjoys also enjoys great success in the fragrance realm. For decades now, the firm has put out colognes and perfumes that smell great and perform well.

Polo Red has been one that they’ve relied on for the past decade or so, spawning a ton of flanker scents including:

So, how does Ralph Lauren Polo Red smell? Perform? And is it worth trying?


Warm, sweet, and spicy is the best way to describe this fragrance. There is a certain energy that Polo Red exudes, a refreshing blast that transitions into a moderate fragrance enveloped in a warm glow. It is a seductive men’s cologne that maintains a classy and masculine air that the ladies around you are sure to enjoy.

It opens with a mix of cranberry and citrus. This pairing is very sweet and quite sharp from the start. The citrus combo is made up of grapefruit and Italian lemon. Cranberry is the main attraction for this combination. A few minutes after the tart and sharp opening, the edge is taken off by the amber and the sweetness takes over.

Sage and saffron are also present, which adds a bit of spice and some depth of character. Finally, there is a slight hint of random wood notes in the base to round the scent off.

So, most of what you’re getting with Polo Red is warm sweetness, warm citrus sweetness, and tart cranberry with some light wood and spice. Lots of lemon and cranberry, riding on a sea of amber. It truly does evoke a sensation of ‘red’.

Versatility, Longevity, and Silage

Polo Red starts off very intense before it settles down into a moderate and subtle fragrance.

In terms of longevity, you can count on a solid 4-7 hours before you need to reapply. You don’t need to go crazy spritzing yourself with a lot of cologne, but an extra spritz wouldn’t hurt to make the scent stick a bit longer. This isn’t a heavy fragrance, but it does provide a fragrant warm cloud around you.

Polo Red is perfect for springtime use and is a very nice choice for everyday casual wear and versatile enough for special occasions too.

Final Impressions of Polo Red

Is Polo Red a good cologne? Yes. The cranberry tartness is still pretty unique, combined with that amber glow. It’s fun and versatile.

Whether you’re shopping for a cologne for yourself or looking for a men’s cologne for that special someone, Ralph Lauren colognes are among the most popular men’s fragrances. Ralph Lauren has an extensive collection, Polo Red being one of everyone’s favourites. Visit Online4Pharmacy to explore our collection of the best colognes for men and perfumes for women.