Top 10 Long-Lasting Perfumes for Women

Admit it, ladies, touching up your perfume every hour can be quite annoying. To combat this problem, invest in long-lasting perfumes.

Here's the secret to picking a long-lasting perfume that won’t fade away before you leave the house – pick an “Eau de Parfum” (EDP) fragrance. In comparison to “Eau de Toilette”, the scent of EDP’s last longer due to its concentration of essential oils to alcohol. An EDP has more concentration of essential oil (not watered down by alcohol), so the scent lasts longer!

To help you pick the best long-lasting perfume, here is a list of some awesome Eau de Parfums and other perfumes that hold their strength throughout the day and for the entire night.

Boss – Hugo Boss

Boss Perfume for Women will make you feel nothing less than the “Lady Boss” that you are. Rock this perfume of Floral Fruity notes to work, exude your confidence and fierce power! While it does have softer tones, the scent still packs a punch that is both elegant and bold enough to capture the attention of those around you.

Eternity – Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Eternity for Women is a perfect accessory for any occasion. Apply Eternity perfume to feel confident and beautiful with this fruit and floral fragrance of vibrant green notes and the fresh citrus property of mandarin orange and rose.

Valentino Perfume - Valentino

Valentino Perfume is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance that is feminine and passionate with a sparkling blend of woody, floral, and Amber notes. Nothing says glamour more than Valentino and Valentino Perfume for Women will elevate any outfit and set the tone for a red-carpet night.

Black Orchid – Tom Ford

For all you ladies who like strong, musky smells, Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume for Women will be your go-to perfume for sexy nights out on the town.

It is pure sex in a bottle, my friends. This one is a blend of black truffle and ylang mingled with a little bergamot and blackcurrant. You only need to apply this sparingly as it goes a long way, even on a hot summer night.

Bloom - Gucci

Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum is a more modern take on the traditional floral perfume, this inventive fragrance is made all the more dynamic by its inclusion of the Rangoon creeper, a flowering vine native to tropical Asia. This can be a strong scent, so don’t overdo it, but the whiffs of jasmine and tuberose are simply lovely.

Lady Million Fabulous – Paco Rabanne

Everyone wants to feel fabulous and feel like a million pounds! Lady Million Fabulous is a seductive floral-oriental scent that treats you to a gorgeous cocktail of gardenia, bitter orange, and neroli notes that dries down into deep patchouli and amber aromas.

Idôle - Lancome

Idôle is a timeless floral fragrance with its burst of fresh florals—rose and jasmine, in particular—this makes for a fully feminine, but never overpowering, scent.

Cloud – Ariana Grande

Cloud is a flirty, feminine perfume created by pop star Ariana Grande. With sweet floral and fruity scents of lavender blossom, pear, coconut, and vanilla, this is a bright, young fragrance that celebrates living life to the fullest.

La Belle Intense – Jean Paul Gaultier

La Belle Intense, it's everything you love about the original but with a more seductive warm and spicy twist with sugary pear taking a backseat to let the tonka bean and vanilla shine.

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