Longest Lasting Women's Perfumes

There’s something magical and transformative about a good perfume. Once you find a perfume you love, you will see just how quickly it can boost your mood and confidence and you never want that feeling to end. So, it comes as no surprise that perfume connoisseurs are usually on the hunt for the longest-lasting women's perfumes to add to their repertoire.

Don’t waste your money on an expensive perfume that has no longevity. Instead, scout out a long-lasting scent that will last at least 5-8 hours. To help you make a lasting impression, we’ve shortlisted some of the best and longest lasting women's perfumes. Check it out!

How to Find the Longest Lasting Women's Perfumes

When looking for a long-lasting women's perfume, choose an Eau de Parfum because it has a higher concentration of fragrance essential oils. The more fragrance essential oils a perfume has, the stronger the scent will have and the longer-it will remain on the skin. Thus, EDPs are more powerful and long-lasting than an Eau de Toilette. Generally, Eau de Parfums last about 5 hours while Eau de Toilettes last 3 hours.

The Best and Longest Lasting Women's Perfume

The popularity and enduring quality for some perfumes comes down to more than just the fragrance itself, it also comes down to longevity. People want their perfume to last and carry them through the day. When it comes to fragrance longevity, Calvin Klein Eternity for Women, Boss Perfume for Women, and Burberry Women’s Fragrances are the best long-lasting perfumes to get you through the day!

Why Calvin Klein Eternity for Women Lasts So Long

Calvin Klein Eternity for women is one of the best long-lasting perfumes. Its unique composition of specially blended fragrance oils give the perfume its easily recognisable and long-lasting citrus scent. CK Eternity has a longevity of 6-8 hours before it needs to be re-applied.

How Long Do Hugo Boss Perfumes for Women Last?

When it comes to Hugo Boss perfumes for women, Boss Bottled Eau de Parfum Intense lasts around 8 – 10 hours. The composition has a 14% higher concentration of essential oils that the Eau de Toilette version, which gives this perfume great longevity. Boss Intense EDT is a warm and sensual fragrance with notes of vanilla and orchid, created for women who like to take charge. This is a great year-round perfume.

What Is the Best Long-Lasting Burberry Women’s Fragrance?

One of the greatest things about Burberry women’s fragrances is that they have a wide variety of fragrances to choose from. London Eau De Parfum is one of their best-selling fragrances that is adored by many for its floral scent that is sweet, light, and great for daily wear. You can expect this perfume to last around 5-6 hours before needing to freshen it up.

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