What Are the Most Important Characteristics of a Good Deodorant?

The thing about smelling good is that it really comes down to what you find to be a pleasant scent. One person’s idea of smelling good may be bringing an enchanting canopy of soft French perfume into every room they enter. For someone else, it could mean not having body odour and just being more natural.

Whether you want to smell like perfume or simply use deodorant to just smell like your healthy and natural self, you have many options.

This article will focus on the most important characteristics of a good deodorant and its benefits.

Difference Between Deodorant and Perfume

Deodorant is only used on the body to mask the offensive body odours caused by sweat and bacteria.  Whereas perfume is used on the body and on clothing to produce feel-good aromas that are attractive to the wearer.  Simply put, deodorant is used to stop odour while perfume is worn to emit a lovely fragrance.

What Is Deodorant Used For?

Deodorant is used to mask body odour produced by the bacteria that thrives on sweat.  Sweat itself, as a body fluid, does not have a strong odour but the bacteria that thrives in warm moist places such as armpits and other areas of the body can have a strong and offensive odour when combined with sweat. Applying deodorant in the morning can prevent any smells that develop during the day and keep you feeling fresh.

Properties of Deodorant

Deodorant contains chemicals and alcohol to act against the bacteria in sweat and has a small percentage of essential oils or fragrances that smell nice when applied. Anti-microbials and triclosan metal cholent compounds are also added to combat the bacteria and the odour they cause.

Deodorant is available for men and women and there are different applicators ranging from sprays and liquid roll-ons to solid stick applicators and gel. Deodorant is most commonly applied to the armpits but can be applied in other areas that sweat excessively.

How Deodorant Works

Deodorant has a fragrance, but it is composed of deodorizers to help control the natural body odours.  Deodorants do not stop body odour, but they can suppress and neutralize the odours that are the result of bacteria and sweat together.

Deodorant serves the following purposes:

  • Neutralizes body odour caused by bacteria and sweat.
  • Is applied to other parts of the body if necessary i.e. feet.
  • Cost-effective way of maintaining a pleasant body odour
  • The anti-microbials act against the bacteria that produce body odour
  • It is easily transported for sports functions or after shower body odour control

In addition to applying deodorant after your morning shower to prevent unpleasant body odour, spritz on one of our favourite perfumes to layer your scents. Feel fresh and smell beautiful all through the day!

Coach Eau de Toilette by Coach

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