Vicks First Defence Spray 15ML

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Vicks First Defence is a Micro-Gel nasal spray enhanced with plant extracts. It works by trapping cold causing germs and helping your body to remove them natura

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First Defence Micro-Gel Nasal Spray - Applied as soon as you feel the first warning signs of a cold. The unique Micro-Gel attacks the virus where it first takes hold - at the back of your nose, traps it, disarms it and helps to remove it. When people used Vicks First Defence Micro-Gel Nasal Spray at the first signs of a cold, 77 per cent said they did not develop a full blown cold. So next time a nasty cold threatens to ruin a holiday, do not surrender - send it packing! FAQs What causes colds? All colds are caused by viruses. Cold, wet winter weather, being stressed or run down can make it easier for a cold to develop, but for that to happen there has to be a cold virus there in the first place. Is it Ok to use Vicks First Defence solutions if I am pregnant or breast-feeding? If you are pregnant or breast-feeding we recommend that you talk to your doctor before using the nasal spray. The hand foam is perfectly safe to use. Please read the downloadable leaflets carefully for more information.
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